Jenny and Justin's Wedding - Owen Sound Photographer

Candice and I had a blast with Jenny and Justin on Saturday! The ceremony was moved indoors because of rain, but it all worked out in the end! The rain managed to hold off just long enough for us to do photos of Jenny and Justin and their wedding party before the ceremony. Just as we finished up along came the rain! 

We want to thank Jenny and Justin and all their guests/family/wedding party for being so great! Everyone was so welcoming and simply a pleasure to work with! 

Here are a few of the shots that we really liked...



Kim and Greg's Wedding - Collingwood Photographer

What a great wedding! Kim and Greg are so care-free and easy-going that it's infectious! There was so much laughter and genuine joy all around that it was impossible to not have a good time!

Candice and I would like to thank Kim and Greg and their family and friends for a wonderful and memorable day.

Here are a few of our favourite shots from the day... 



Hayley and Tom's Wedding - Owen Sound Photographer

Luckily the rain held off for Hayley and Tom's wedding last weekend... just barely! It was really hot and humid but everyone managed to hang in there and have a great time! Candice and I would like to thank Hayley and Tom and their friends and family for a great day! Everyone was in great spirits all day despite Hayley being stung by a bee and the power going out half way through the reception! When the DJ could not play everyone started to sing and the party continued!

Here are a few of our favourites from the day...


... This is Hayley and Tom's daughter... such a precious little thing! I love this image!


Sara and Jordan's Wedding - Owen Sound Photographer

What can I say... Sara and Jordan (and their guests) are real troopers! They had a plan to be married on a cool little island in the middle of a pond and rain was not going to ruin it... no matter how much there was! While most people wish for a dry sunny day, wet days have a charm of their own!

I think I finally have all my camera gear dried out! Sara and Jordan's wedding was by far the wettest wedding we have ever shot... or ever hope to shoot for that matter! On top of the rain, "Rico" the dog added a little moisture of his own to my camera bag! I wasn't too worried because it was washed off by the rain and gail force winds I'm sure!

We really struggled to keep the driving rain off our lenses and keep the water out of our cameras while keeping our mind on the job.... but it all worked out in the end!

I guess it's good to know how far you can push your camera gear... I have a new found respect for what my 1DX can take... it was REALLY wet!

Sara and Jordan are a very easy going couple, and they obviously didn't let the rain dampen their spirits... if anything I think they had more fun with it! Thanks again for a great day guys, we really enjoyed it (except the rain!)

Here are a few shots that we really enjoyed...



Laura and John's Wedding - Gravenhurst Photographer

What can I say... Laura and John make a ridiculously beautiful couple! It was a beautiful day for a wedding and the Taboo Resort in Gravenhurst had lots of great locations for photos. Although time was tight, we managed to create lots of great images for the happy couple!

Candice and I would like to thank Laura and John for being so great! Here are a few of our favourites from the day...