The Picklyk Family - Owen Sound Portrait Photographer

Well, we made it back from our visit to Calgary safe and sound! We were there doing various photography jobs as well as some graphic design work.

The great thing about visiting Calgary is that we get to see past clients/friends! I've photographed the Picklyk Family several times, and it's always so much fun! I have sooooo much fun photographing Emerson (he's eight years old)... he always gets me laughing to the point where I can hardly shoot... I've never met a kid with so much personality!

I would like to thank the Picklyk family for being so great! We look forward to many more visits and portrait sessions.



A Gentle Soul...

… that is how I would describe my Grandfather. I don’t think I’ve ever known a more gentle, loving, and proud person. I can only dream of becoming such a man… I’m at a loss… words just can’t describe him… he will truly be missed.

I’ve learned the hard way that when you have the opportunity, you should make the photographs that are important to you. I’m happy to say that in this case I insisted on making a portrait of my Grandpa and followed through with it. I think he found it a little funny that I wanted to take pictures of him, but he entertained the idea and was simply himself in front of the camera. If you had the pleasure of knowing my Grandpa, I think you would agree that this portrait is a good representation of him. That twinkle in his eye that everyone loved, and him sitting in his favourite chair. He was a man that liked things simple and honest.

My Grandpa was found in his favourite chair with the wood stove still warm, and a peaceful look about him. He’s with Grandma now and I think he’s happy.

… I love you Grandpa.



Most Memorable Images of 2013

To say that 2013 was a crazy year for us would definitely be an understatement! We had a baby, sold our house, moved to another province and basically re-launched our business in Owen Sound, ON.

While it has been a very hectic year, I have definitely learned that our relationship is stronger than ever. I remember a few occasions over the last year when I wondered how we would ever survive the chaos… and now that stuff is behind us! I'm certain that I couldn't have made it through the year without such an awesome friend and partner in life by my side. 

Since this was such a crazy year, I haven't been able to do nearly as much nature photography as I would have liked. So, this year I’m going to show a mix of nature and people shots that I feel are my strongest of the year. I hope you enjoy!



... and my greatest accomplishment of 2013... having a beautiful daughter and being a good Dad! These shots are from her first birthday (she was born January 1st).


My Sweet Patootie Promo Photos - Owen Sound Portrait Photographer

I was contacted by Sandra Swannell to about a month ago to do some promotional photos for their band "My Sweet Patootie". I knew right away that with a name like that they would have to be a fun bunch... and boy were they fun! I hardly had to say a word... they just did their thing and there were non-stop photos to be had! In fact, it was hard to shoot at times because they made me laugh so hard!

My Sweet Patootie is a trio made up of Terry Young (guitar/vocals), Sandra Swannell (violin/vocals) and Bradford Nowak (percussion/vocals). As we were shooting they would just fire up and make songs up about the shoot... Terry's lyrics had us all in stitches!

I can't even begin to describe such a unique, complex and personality packed band, but I would say that this quote from their bio sums it up quite well: "High on the Niagara Escarpment, surrounded by sheep and dairy farmers, My Sweet Patootie creates songs that celebrate the quirkiness of rural and small town life. Whether it's cheeky finger-snapping swing or moving ballads, their songs have a universal message of living a simple life with charity, thrift, humour, thankfulness, stewardship, community and a passion for one's work."

Thanks to the band for being absolutely amazing to work with, you guys are great!!

I could not have managed this shoot without the help of Dan Mccracken. It was great to work with someone as excited about photography as I am! Thanks so much for your help Dan!

For the photo geeks out there... 

I picked this location specifically for the rolling hills and because the sun sets directly behind the hills- thus behind my subjects. Unfortunately, the sun did not show up for us... so I had to take matters into my own hands to create the look I wanted. Any of the shots that appear to be backlit by a warm sun are actually created by using a second light with an elinchrom deep octa with the gold deflector placed inside to warm up the light. By keeping the light just barely out of the shot I was able to create the illusion of sunlight.

Here are a few of the shots I really liked...



Fishin Chipps Promo Photos - Owen Sound Commercial Photographer

In early October I was lucky enough to fly out to Alberta to do some promotional photos for my friend Frank Chipps and his business partner Dale Keates. Dale and his wife Karen have a guiding company called "Sleepy Spring Ranch" so the new company "Fishin Chipps" is the perfect addition! It was my first time meeting Dale and Karen - wow, I can honestly say that they are some of the nicest people I have met!

Growing up with Frank, he seemed to always be taking people fishing or teaching them how to fish... so not much has changed except that he has made it his business! I think the quote "Love what you do and you'll never work a day in your life" applies here... Frank absolutely loves to be outdoors and fishing!

Frank and Dale provided all the comforts that one might need when camping... but not to the point where it was too cushy! The food was amazing, the trips on the jet boat were crazy fun and adventurous the scenery was outstanding and the wildlife was plentiful! Needless to say it was an amazing trip and I would recommend it to anyone!

Here is a small taste of my trip...