Steve and Laryssa's Wedding - Meaford Wedding Photographer

Wow, what a touching wedding and amazing couple! It was our absolute pleasure to photograph Steve and Laryssa's wedding yesterday. The ceremony was a perfect combination of casual and traditional and there were lots of tears as we scanned the crowd for candid shots! Steve and Laryssa's kids were awesome to work with - as you can see they were not afraid to ham it up for the camera! 

Thanks again guys, and again a huge congratulations from Candice and I! Hope you enjoy these teasers!



Advisor's Edge Assignment - Ontario Portrait Photographer

A couple of months ago I was contacted by Advisor's Edge Magazine to do some portraits of Jim Sanderson for an article they were writing about his road to success as a ScotiaMcLeod advisor. Jim deals with aggregates so it was only fitting that we do the shoot in a gravel pit!

I REALLY enjoy this kind of shoot! I find it extremely rewarding to arrive on location and be able to use all the expertise I've learned over the years to create a magazine-worthy portrait that actually shows the individual in a context that is complimentary to the story.

A huge bonus to this kind of shoot is the one on one interaction with the client. I leave most of these shoots feeling like I just made a friend, and this shoot was no different! Not only did I hit it off with Jim, but also his son! Not a bad day at work I'd say!


This was the shot they used for the story on Jim



Jenny & Justin - Owen Sound Portrait Photographer

I had a great time hanging out with Jenny and Justin Sunday evening! Not only are these two a really nice couple, but we also had lots of great locations to work with and some amazing light! Candice and I are really looking forward to being there on their wedding day and meeting some more great people! 

Thanks again Jenny and Justin, you guys were great! Here are a few teasers...



A Mother's Day Moment - Owen Sound Portrait Photographer

Wow, I really need to start writing on my blog more... Cayley just keeps us so busy... I have no idea how people get anything done with more than one child!

We decided to start a tradition this year where we make a portrait of the girls together every Mother's Day - and make sure we actually make a print of our favourite image. Over the years I think it will be really cool to look back on the girls together!

Cayley has been a little cranky lately due to incoming teeth and a cold so this was about a 5 minute shoot with snacks in hand and no lighting or extra "stuff" to slow us down! I picked a spot with nice light and asked them to sit there and have a snack together. Cayley is obsessed with birds so Candice is pointing at a bird in the sky... obviously Cayley was not on the same page! I thought this was a really cute moment... it think it shows her cute innocence in this great big world! 

For some reason, it really seems to hit me - just how lucky I am when I have an image like this in front of me. When the moment is frozen in time and I can stare at it and really take it in without worrying about running after Cayley! My girls are both so beautiful... I feel like a very, very lucky man!



The Picklyk Family - Owen Sound Portrait Photographer

Well, we made it back from our visit to Calgary safe and sound! We were there doing various photography jobs as well as some graphic design work.

The great thing about visiting Calgary is that we get to see past clients/friends! I've photographed the Picklyk Family several times, and it's always so much fun! I have sooooo much fun photographing Emerson (he's eight years old)... he always gets me laughing to the point where I can hardly shoot... I've never met a kid with so much personality!

I would like to thank the Picklyk family for being so great! We look forward to many more visits and portrait sessions.