To Answer Some of Your Questions...


Q: Can I purchase prints of your landscape and animal photos?
A: Yes, please do! Just contact us at and let us know which one you would like to purchase and what size. Images on the main site will have a reference number associated with them. Just mouse over the "info" tab to see the image info. You can also go to and find "Nature and Landscape Prints" after all the people galleries. From there you can choose the size you want and pay by Credit Card. 

Q: How much do you need for a deposit?
A: For weddings, we ask for a deposit of $1000. The remainder is due 30 days prior to your wedding day. 

Q: Why is our final payment due before the wedding?
A: We ask for the final payment 30 days before the wedding as a precaution. If for some reason the wedding was postponed at the last minute, and we were not payed yet, we would loose the remainder of that income since it would be too late to schedule another job. There are only so many Saturdays in a year, so wedding photographers have to be very careful about securing each wedding.

Q: Uncle Bob has a nice camera and likes to take pictures, can he take pictures as well?
A: It's completely normal that people take pictures at weddings, but there are limits! The photographer you hire should be the only one taking formal photos. Once we get what we need, we will gladly move aside and let Uncle Bob take his photo. If there is more than one photographer standing in front of a group of people, half the eyes will be looking at one camera and the other half at the second camera! Your guests should also know enough to respect our space since you have hired us to capture your day.  

Q: Can you take photos of the guys getting ready as well as the Bride?
A: If the two locations are close we can usually do both. We will usually do photos of the guys first since they are usually ready before the girls. We would arrive at the Bride's location before she puts her dress, shoes and jewelry on so we can get photos of these details. We would then take photos of the finishing touches of makeup and then the final steps of the girls helping button up the dress. This is all pretty flexible of coarse.

Q: If I hire you to photograph my reception as well, how late will you stay?
A: We will keep shooting until about a half an hour after your first dance.