Brian & Ashley - Kitchener Wedding Photographer

Wow, Brian and Ashley's wedding was one of the most emotional weddings we've shot... just beautiful! I kept trying to make eye contact with Candice to coordinate our shooting locations and I caught her drying her eyes several times!

We would like to express our thanks first and foremost to Brian and Ashley for being so considerate and simply amazing to work with! We would also like to thank the wedding party and parents for being so kind and down to earth! And last but not least we would like to thank the amazing staff at the Bruce Steak House in Kincardine, ON ... the service and food was out of this world!

Here are a few of our favourites from the day...



The Petty Family - Kitchener-Waterloo Portrait Photographer

I had a really great time photographing the Petty family - lots of laughs for sure! After doing the family shots in the forest in Kitchener-Waterloo we ventured out to a back road to photogrph Ryan with his truck. I really enjoyed making the images of Ryan and his truck and couldn't help but think back to my own first vehicle (a chevette)... it would be so cool to have portraits like this to remember my own sweet ride! 

Here are a few of my favourite images from the shoot....



The Walker Family - Kitchener-Waterloo Portrait Photographer

I had such a great time photographing the Walker family! I grew up working for Gale (the grandfather) in Lindsay, ON so it was really nice to re-connect with the family and meet the grand children... all 10 of them! Thanks again for great shoot everyone!!



The Warrior - Kitchener-Waterloo Portrait Photographer

Here's another shot I really liked from my session with Ralf Wall. I think he looks pretty bad-ass here! We spent a lot of the session trying to get a more dynamic image with Ralf screaming as if he was in battle… but at the end of the day I think I liked this image best! Thanks again to Thak Ironworks for the use of the amazing armour!



The Viking - Kitchener-Waterloo Portrait Photographer

Well, last night was pretty fun… for me at least... lol! I had Ralf lugging around armour and yelling (quietly as to not alarm people) until his jaw was sore! Ralf, you were a real trooper and I appreciate it!! … loved the lady's expression as you walked out of the forest in full armour!!!

I REALLY recommend checking out Ralf Wall's work at being a big guy and playing the part of "warrior" really well, Ralf is an extremely talented artist with those dainty hands!

I would like to thank Ralf for all his hard work, as well as Andrzej Godlewskifor assisting.

I would also like to thank Thak Ironworks Inc. for the AMAZING armour and props… you do crazy cool amazing work Rob! Check out Thak Ironworks at

For those of you wanting to learn how to accomplish shots like this… we still have a few spots available at the "Portrait Lighting Essentials" workshop August 16th in Kitchener. This workshop will be instructed by myself as well as Peter Carroll Photography. It's also looking like Ralf will be one of our models!! For more info and registration go to: