My Dad - Kitchener-Waterloo Portrait Photographer

I was brought up to appreciate hard work. I worked with my Dad running a sawmill and building log homes until I was into my mid 20’s. I have to admit that I sometimes got bitter when friends would invite me out and Dad would say things like “sure you can go out… just as soon as you pile that dump truck load of firewood”!
As time passes I appreciate my parents more and more. Life has a way of getting busy and complicated, and it’s not as easy to spend quality time with them these days. With this in mind, I made a special trip this past weekend to spend some time with family. I made a point of spending some extra time with my Dad. 
My Dad and I always worked together to make log homes, saw lumber, cut firewood… you know, tangible things that involved physical labor. Since I started my photography journey, my Dad has seen very few of the images I’ve made, and has never seen me do this kind of work before. I thought it might be nice to make something together again and share a piece of my world with him!
Ever since I can remember, my Dad has used a chainsaw to make his living… and he still does! I asked him if we could do his portrait where he works, and in the same dirty cloths he wears to work, holding his saw… I told him I wanted him just the way he is! 
When I think of my Dad, I always think of the one photo I have of us together (the rest were lost in a house fire) – I’m about 8 years old in the photo and I have my arms wrapped around him giving him the biggest hug I can… I only come up to his chest. To me, this weekends portrait communicates how my Dad looks through my eyes… strong, hard working, and resilient.

Dad's Happy Place - Kitchener-Waterloo Portrait Photographer

This is my Dad in his glory! After a major life change my Dad is happy to be in a place he loves - where he can "tinker away" till his heart is content.

We made this image before he actually moved to the home where this workshop is. As I was photographing him he said "I can't wait to look out these windows to the fields and tinker away till my heart is content". I can't tell you how happy it made me to hear him say those words! I've wished for happiness for my Dad for a long time… I think he finally has it!

Since my Grandfather passed years ago, I've had this image in my head of my Grandfather working away at his work bench in a dirty and dark shop with window light flooding in (I'm talking about Grandpa Reeds for any family reading this). I'm sad to say that I never had the expertise to make that portrait a reality until it was too late - that has really bothered me on a deep level. It was that image in my head that reinforced the importance to make this portrait of my Dad. I know this portrait isn't as dramatic as some of my other work, and it may not win any big awards - I'm okay with that. This portrait is real, and it does my heart a world of good to sit back and take it in.

For those who are wondering, this was shot with two lights as well as using the window light as a third light source.


Portrait Lighting Workshop Announcement - Kitchener-Waterloo Photography Workshops

Peter Carroll and I are excited to announce the launch of our Portrait Lighting Essentials workshop series! This will be a hands-on learning workshop intended for beginner to intermediate shooters. Do you find the concepts of lighting intimidating and the gear options bewildering? Let Wayne and Pete simplify the world of portrait lighting for you. Come join two enthusiastic instructors for a fun day focused on the goal of expanding your technical skills and your creative vision in portrait photography.

This workshop will be offered in Kitchener, ON on August 16, 2015 as well as Calgary, AB on October 11, 2015. 

To register for the Kitchener, ON workshop please follow the link below:

to register for the Calgary, AB workshop please follow the link below:


Favourite Wedding/Engagement Images - Kitchener-Waterloo Photographer

With all the love in the air, I thought it would be fun to have a look back at some of my favourite wedding and engagement images from the past few years. We have worked with so many amazing people! This is a small sampling of the shots I love...hope you enjoy!




My Top 14 Images of 2014 - Kitchener-Waterloo Photographer

Well, 2014 is officially gone, and I have to say that I’m excited about what adventures 2015 holds!

I’ve learned many lessons over the past year, but I would have to say that the most important ones have been:

- Don’t shy away from things that scare me

- Plant roots and enjoy family – stop searching for the perfect dreamy place to live

- Stop making excuses and just do “it”

My personal new year's resolution is to gravitate towards the things that scare me (within reason of course). I’m happy to say that I have already put that resolution into practice! I am officially part of the team at Dave Brosha’s “Land and See” event taking place July 14-18 at Long Creek – PEI.

Dave describes this event as “An annual event exploring the journey of artistic vision in landscape and portrait photography.” Dave is a very talented photographer and an infectious creative spirit, so needless to say I’m very excited to be part of the team for this year's event!

While I’m proud of the images I’ve created this past year, I’m determined to surpass them in quality and quantity this year!

Here are my favourite 14 images of 2014…


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