My Old Stomping Grounds

Well, I'm still enjoying my "time off" before the rush of spring and summer hit. Between our engagement and portrait shoots, I think spring will be insane! Summer and fall will be quite busy with weddings, but when the fall colours are at their peak, I will be spending about 2 weeks shooting landscapes in Northern Ontario – I'm already excited about that!

I have been shooting Kettle Point quite a bit lately since it is the most dramatic landscape I can find in the area. I spent the early years of my life (until I was about 8) on the Kettle Point Reserve, so it's interesting to come back now that I'm 34 and I see this place as a photographer. I'm going to look for a way to make my kettle point images available to the locals as I feel that they may appreciate seeing their reserve the way I do.

In case you're wondering why it's called "Kettle Point", it's because of the spherical concretions that form there. They are formed of calcite, pyrite, quartz and some other stuff I have no idea about! They are harder than the shale that makes up most of the shore so they form spheres that become trapped in the layers of shale.

The first image shows a typical "kettle" on the actual point that people come to view sunsets from. The other two images are shot from down along the shore. This spot is known for it's great sunsets, so I hope I did it justice! I look forward to the ice melting and capturing some nice sunset images with the sky reflected in the watch for those in the summer!




The Beginning...

Well, here goes nothing... my first journal entry! No people shots to share quite yet since everything seems to be booked for spring, summer and fall, but I have been doing the odd landscape shoot around Grand Bend and Kettle Point. After moving from Calgary I'm finding it quite difficult to come up with dramatic landscape photos, and tend to be focusing on some of the simpler things – like the way the last rays of the day skip across a snow drift, or the reflection of barren trees on a flooded field. One thing I'm not used to is fog – I love the way it transforms the landscape and I see endless potential for foggy day landscape or portrait shooting! I was afraid that once we moved back to Ontario I would loose my enthusiasm for landscape photography, but I think it is already training my eye to see the more subtle beauty. Here are a few of the shots I have managed to get between January and March.











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