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"A Tortured Soul" - Elora Portrait Photographer

 As I prepared for my trip out west I had no idea that I would cross paths with such an interesting and resilient man. I spotted Glen in a Tim Horton’s in Banff and just had to meet him and see if he might allow me to photograph him. I had no idea in that moment that Glen was homeless and that we were about to get to know each other a lot better.

As it turns out, Glen had been sleeping in the bushes on the outskirts of the town of Banff for some time. Glen was planning to re-locate to Calgary (about a 1.5 hour drive away) so that he would have access to a shelter in the cold weather. In return for allowing me to photograph him, I promised Glen a ride to Calgary once I was done my other shoots in the area.

Glen is 88 years old and very weak. He has trouble walking and clearly should not be living such a harsh life… but it appears that he has no choice in the matter. Because of the nature of homelessness, Glen was unable to store his food properly and in turn was unfortunately attracting bears to the town. Park wardens were faced with the unfortunate task of asking Glen to leave Banff National Park for the duration of one year for the safety of himself and others. After watching the Wardens do everything they could to explain the situation to a clearly upset homeless man, my heart ached for him.

I find it so unthinkable that someone the age of Glen could ever have to sleep in the cold without a roof over their head or enough money to feed themselves properly. I helped in a small way by giving Glen some money for food and a ride to a warmer place, but I still fear for his safety and quite frankly his life, as the temperatures drop. I’ll be thinking of Glen and hoping that more people will help him along the way and allow him to live in some comfort for his remaining years.


A Change of Heart… Kitchener-Waterloo Portrait Photographer

I've always loved photographing landscapes and really loved displaying them in our home… it keeps me grounded and in touch with what I have always considered to be beautiful - nature. As I've been creating more artistic or personal portraits lately I've realized that there is as much or more to be seen in the beauty of people and faces. While I still find nature to be astounding, I think there may be more to be said for learning an individual's story and communicating their essence in a single image.

As I sit here typing, I can actually think of four people I've photographed in the last year that have changed my outlook on life. Ten years ago I would almost have a heart attack if I had to shoot a portrait… I would run for the hills and photograph landscapes! Now, I would say I'm actually most excited when I have the opportunity to photograph someone I find intriguing! I think that those who know me well would say that is a pretty big change of heart!


Photo of the Day... Ontario Landscape Photographer

Okay, it's fricking freezing here so I thought I would dig up a nice summer shot from Lake Huron, just outside of Grand Bend, Ontario. This one was done in 2009 and was only processed from the raw file this morning! I have another shot in my Ontario gallery on my main website which is quite similar, but taken a little later I believe. There are a couple of bright spots in the water which I find a bit distracting, however I still find this one to be a pleasant shot.

This was a 30 second exposure which allowed the clouds to streak and the water to appear more peaceful. I really wish I had my 3 or 4 stop solid neutral density filters to make even longer exposures, but it is what it is! Actually, now that I look at the exif data, I did have a little wiggle room which could have resulted in a slightly longer exposure... damn! this was shot at f/18 (I don't like stopping down further than that), and iso 125 ... had I been paying better attention to what I was doing, I could have dropped my iso to 50 and made a longer exposure. I guess I was still learning about long exposures at that point!

I'm finally able to get away to the mountains this afternoon and overnight so I hope to bring you something interesting in the next couple of days! Until then, I hope you enjoy this one and it gives you a nice warm fuzzy feeling!




Photo of the Day... Alberta Landscape Photographer

As a follow up to my last post here is a shot from today. My plans completely changed... just as I expected! I was planning to spend Thursday night in the mountains to do a little shooting, however I had other commitments at home and was unable to go with my original plan. Instead, I ventured just outside of Calgary specifically to find a shot for this entry... I figured it was a nice challenge! Things look about as ugly as they could around Calgary right now, so finding a pleasing shot proved quite challenging! Ugly patches of dirty snow really cluttered the landscape, and the light was very flat due to very heavy cloud cover (snow is coming). I did find a patch of sky with some nice texture in the clouds and decided to feature this clump of trees and the big, heavy sky above them. I don't think this is one of my better shots, but considering what I had to work with I thought it turned out half descent. I will see if I can get out to the mountains soon and bring back something a little more dramatic!



Photo of the Day... Alberta Landscape Photographer

Here is a shot from a while ago taken outside of Cochrane Alberta while shooting with Darwin Wiggett. Nothing terribly artistic or original here, just a pretty scene which I just had to photograph! 

I shot this at 200mm (with a 70-200) so that the scene would be compressed and the mountains would appear nice and big. The patch of ice fog softened the harsh late morning light and simplified the scene nicely. We did our best to follow this fog around making use of the soft light.